Spitfire: Remastered
Remake of a previous game of mine called Spitfire
The game has been updated with bug fixes
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Patch 1.1

4th March 2017

  • Fixed a bug where pressing "Restart" while in a game would crash.
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Below is the changes made to Spitfire: Remastered

11th November 2016

  • Crates are now functional
  • Added multi-shot ability.
  • Overheal is now 50% maxHealth

7th November 2016

  • Huge amounts of engine changes
  • Added new "Game Over" screen with score
  • Enemies now drop powerup crates. Those are still a work in progress.

This game is a remake of some game I made in Highschool, it is also my first attempt at making a game engine from scratch.

The process of making the game engine for this game, as well as the game itself has been a fun & educating experience - and I hope you guys enjoy playing the game as much as I did making it!

Gameplay video